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Get to know ZO Skin Health Products,
In my opinion, the best products on the market!!

The first set of products are the GSR- Getting Skin Ready System


It is for all stages of skin and an essential step to prevent and control acne, rosacea, shaving bumps, skin pigmentation problems, enlarged pores and rough and damaged skin texture.

It consists of 3 steps:  Cleaning, scrub and oil control/tone


There are 3 types of ZO cleanser:

Gentle Cleanserfor sensitive skin.  True sensitivity is caused by a genetic disorder or skin disease such as rosacea or eczema.  Skin is often considered sensitive when it is actually skin weakness and intolerance.  Skin barrier function repair may increase skin tolerance to prevent this type of skin sensitivity.  
Exfoliating Cleanser -  for oily skin.  Characterized by shiny, or greasy skin at the end of the day with visibly enlarged pores especially on the chin, nose and forehead.  This is due to an overproduction of sebum, which normally heals moisturize and protect the skin, but when over produced may cause breakouts, redness and seborrheic dermatitis.
Hydrating Cleanserfor dry skin.   Described as lacking both oils and water. It may be caused by dry winds, arid climate, exposure to damaging UV rays and cold air conditioning .  It also may be due to skin barrier malfunctions that result in trans epidermal water loss, leading to skin dehydration. It may be managed by skin barrier support and exfoliation.

Washing is recommended twice daily for all skin types.

Why twice daily washing?

In the mornings it helps to remove dead skin cells that have turned over during sleep,

In the evening it removes sebum , oil production from the day as well as makeup.

Cleansing with lukewarm or cold water actually reduces inflammation and decreases itching.

Next article will be scrubs.

Patti May MD Medical Director of Skin Scripts - Medical Aesthetics

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