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If you’ve always felt unhappy with your chin and jaw area, there’s finally a non-surgical solution for you: Kybella®. At Skin Scripts in Lubbock, Texas, the licensed practitioners can use Kybella to slim your chin, removing extra fat or a double chin, with a series of injections. The Skin Scripts team tailors your Kybella treatment by charging for only what you need, rather than a straight fee. Call the office for your Kybella consultation now.

Kybella Q&A

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable that treats submental (chin area) fullness by destroying unwanted fat cells. Currently, it’s the only FDA-approved injectable for double chin reduction. If you have a double chin, or simply want chin slimming for an improved profile, a customized Kybella treatment at Skin Scripts can be an excellent non-surgical solution. 

How does Kybella remove chin fat?

Kybella has an active ingredient called synthetic deoxycholic acid. This type of acid occurs naturally in your body, where it helps break down the fat that you eat. 

When your Skin Scripts provider injects Kybella in your unwanted chin fat, it destroys those targeted fat cells, making them completely unable to retain or absorb new fat. Then, you process and eliminate the fat through your lymphatic system. 

How much Kybella do I need?

Everyone is different when it comes to chin slimming, and that’s why Skin Scripts uses only what’s needed, charging according to your particular needs rather than a straight fee for Kybella. This can make it more affordable than it might be at other providers who charge the same amount, regardless of a patient’s actual chin slimming needs.

Most patients have a series of between two and six total Kybella treatment sessions, each a month apart. At each session, you have a series of small injections, tailored for your needs. 

What can I expect after my Kybella treatment?

After your Kybella treatment, you might have swelling, redness, and bruising. These effects are usually most pronounced a few days after treatment, but they fade over the next few weeks. Your Skin Scripts care provider can recommend ways to minimize swelling, such as ice packs and firm massage. 

You might notice chin slimming after your first treatment, but most patients notice results after their first two sessions. After each treatment session, results get even better until you achieve the desired aesthetic. 

How long do Kybella results last?

Kybella results are permanent. After reaching their optimal profile, patients aren’t expected to need retreatment in the future. 

Ready to delete your double chin without surgery? Call Skin Scripts in the Grace Clinic® building to arrange your Kybella consultation now.