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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a layer of your blood, one that’s full of growth factors with incredible restorative powers. At Skin Scripts in Lubbock, Texas, the caring aesthetic team uses PRP in a variety of treatments, including PRP Facelift®, PRP Facial®, PRP Breast Lift®, O-Shot®, and P-Shot®, as well as hair rejuvenation. With more than five years of PRP experience, the highly trained team is ready to help you look your best with PRP treatments. Book an appointment by phone today.


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance made from your blood platelets. Your blood platelets include extremely powerful growth factors that help you recover and heal. This makes platelets ideal for a variety of applications, including skin rejuvenation, injury recovery, and even hair restoration. 

During a PRP treatment, your Skin Scripts care provider places a large number of platelets in the area where you need rejuvenation, whether it's your face, breasts, genitals, or scalp.

How does a PRP blood draw work?

It's a very quick process. Your Skin Scripts provider withdraws a small amount of blood, usually from your arm. They insert your blood sample in a state-of-the-art sterile centrifuge machine that circulates it at a very high speed. 

Following centrifuge, your blood's left in layers. Your specialist disposes of the other layers and draws your PRP into a syringe for use during your treatment.

Am I a good candidate for PRP hair restoration?

If your hair is thinning or you have bald spots, you could be a good candidate for PRP hair restoration treatments at Skin Scripts. 

PRP hair restoration works best in patients who have recent hair loss or thinning for reasons other than thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Your Skin Scripts specialist can evaluate your hair loss and determine whether PRP is the best solution for you. 

How does PRP hair rejuvenation work?

During PRP hair rejuvenation, your Skin Scripts care provider uses a superthin needle to inject PRP directly into your scalp. Because your specialist numbs your scalp before treatment, the process is virtually painless. 

The PRP goes directly to your dormant hair follicles to reactive them, and it prolongs the growth phase of your currently active hair follicles too. 

How many PRP hair rejuvenation sessions will I need?

Most patients have at least three treatment sessions, about one month apart. To maintain your results, your Skin Scripts specialist recommends a treatment schedule ideal for you. Many patients have maintenance treatments several times a year. 

Longing to restore your lustrous locks? PRP hair restoration at Skin Scripts in the Grace Clinic® building could be the perfect solution. Book your appointment by calling the office today.